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[乐游网导读]在游戏的EXE快捷方式后面增加“ + seta com_allowConsole \”1\” ”例如:\”X:\\Doom 3\\Doom3.exe\” + seta com_allowConsole \”1\”

在游戏的EXE快捷方式后面增加“ + seta com_allowConsole "1" ”

例如:"X:\\Doom 3\\Doom3.exe" + seta com_allowConsole "1"


Bring the console up with [~] and type the following codes in to blow
the monsters back to hell:)



aviDemo = Saves a demo of your playing to an AVI movie file (保存游戏Demo 输出AVI格式文件)
  benchmark = Game Benchmark(测试游戏)
  doomhell = Skip all levels to last(跳到最后一关)
  freeze = Freeze all on screen
  gfxinfo = Graphicscard infomation(显卡信息)
  god = God mode(无敌模式)
  noclip = No Clip(穿墙)
  notarget = Invisibility to most enemies(隐形)
  com_showfps 1 = Show FPS(显示FPS速度)
  give all = Full load of weapons and ammo(获取所有武器和载满弹药)
  give doom95 = Load the \’95 version of Doom(载入95版的Doom)
  give keys = Acquire all the keys you\’ll ever need(获取游戏里面的所有钥匙)
  give weapon_machinegun = Machinegun
  give weapon_shotgun = Shotgun
  give weapon_plasmagun = Plasmagun
  give weapon_bfg = BFG
  give weapon_chainsaw = Chainsaw
  give weapon_rocketlauncher = Rocket Launcher
  status = Your game status(你的游戏状态)
  quit = Quid aka Exit(退出游戏)


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